A Different Thought for Today


We’ve seen this once before.


The world did not know what was happening/coming next.

People living in fear.

Different cause/same effect.

But now as then, the brave people who are critical to the economy held their ground, did their jobs and got America/and the world through that terrible time.

The first responders.
The nurses and doctors and janitors.
The truck drivers and warehouse workers.
The airplane pilots and sea captains.
The flight controllers and the flight attendants.
The dock workers and factory workers.
The cops and the firefighters.
Our political leaders.
And the providers of all of our public services.

The people who continued to work, and to move the goods that supply the food and the medicine and everything that’s essential that keep our country, and our world, running.  “The home of the brave”, right?

I always say, our jobs are not sexy. “What is logistics?”, I ask kids who come in here for job interviews —“We Move Shit”, I tell them

Not sexy.  But ESSENTIAL.  Without us, nothing moves.

So, today, in spite of the fears (rational or overblown), we need to stay at our posts, whether that be the office, the warehouse, the trucks (or from home if necessary) and help keep this economy/this world moving.

We’ve all seen this movie before and unfortunately already know what it can look like in “the end“.  It can get pretty ugly.

We’ve already seen people standing in line for hours, and fighting for frigging toilet paper. And that’s even before things have gotten too bad (and who Really knows how bad it might/might not Actually get?)

But none of us want to find “how low can we go” as a community, a nation or a species. (I know I don’t : )

So helping those brave nurses and doctors get their supplies/keep functioning.

Helping those brave folks at all the Walmarts and Wegmans stay open to provide food and necessities to their communities.

Helping those stalwart truck drivers deliver their goods (I remember those stories of the ice drivers, risking their lives to deliver food to the starving, besieged people of Leningrad in WW2).


We are the sherpas. We are “the control towers” who help get people/things where they need to go, whether it is easy or, like now, when it gets hard.

Hang tough.

One day at a time.

Keep America and the world rolling.

Keep the hospitals and stores open.

Panic is the enemy as much as this virus is.

Help deliver the goods and the services required.

The world stops and falls apart without us/people like us.

Funny… it sucks right now without March Madness, and the NBA and NHL and MLB, St. Pattys Day parades (and parties—the bars are largely closed 😀) etc. It sucks.

But the world still goes on without all of that.

And, as much as we enjoy them, those things are not truly Critical to our survival.  Not at all.  And those athletes we worship are not the REAL heroes (as they’ll be the first ones to admit).

WE—and the front line folks who will help get us all through this, who will keep the wheels turning and the shelves full and the hospitals functioning. Now it’s our turn. WE’LL be the heroes now.

Be safe.

Be smart.

But let’s FIND A WAY to get ‘er done, guys.

One day/one delivery at a time.

Hero Time!

Thanks, all,
Jim Berlin, CEO, Logistics Plus