A message from Nurse Hallie

NurseI know right now we are all in information overload. What’s true what’s false it’s so hard to not panic.  But just a few tips when my kids were ill with whatever virus or cold they may have brought home from school at the time.

I called it “get the sickness out” method:

1. Wash the sheets and your clothing if sick daily til better. Don’t continue to lie in sheets contaminated with the germs.
2. I am a firm believer in good old fashion chicken noodle soup and lots of fluids.
3. Wipe down remotes, door knobs cell phones faucet handles, this can be done with soap and water. The purell  is great but every third time you should wash your hands with soap and water.
Shower even though you don’t feel well wash those germs away is key.
4. I’m a big fan of the orange bar dial soap for bathing when you are sick, it’s very drying so you will need lotion after but  you will be squeaky clean.🙂
5. I would also make my kids homemade hot chocolate, so easy,  milk, cocoa, and sugar
Cook it on the stove it always made my kids feel better.

This is an airborne virus that we don’t know a lot about yet, so we need to be smart about things. If you have a cough—wear a mask, especially if you must go out. It would be best to stay  home and heal yourself.  Masks  not only protect you, but others FROM YOU, but remember they are not a sure thing as you have heard on the news so do your co-workers  a favor and stay home. If you feel you have been exposed to covid 19 CALL your doctor.  Don’t go into the office and infect everyone they will advise you of what to do next.


Continue to exercise and live your life as normal as you can. This may go away in a few weeks or may hang on for months.  Be smart be safe and be calm.

Take care,