Loving Logistics


New logo adopted by TIA for 2020 (LP blue version)

Last year, Logistics Plus proudly proclaimed June 28th as the first-ever National Logistics Day™ – a new annual day to recognize and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry in both our national and global economies. Now, in its second year, we are proud to join the Transportation Intermediaries Association in once taking a brief moment to celebrate logistics! (TIA is the most trusted voice for the third-party logistics industry)

What is logistics? In short, logistics encompasses the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. Logistics Plus puts the “plus” in logistics by doing big things properly, and the countless little things (that many others won’t do), that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

How big is the logistics industry? In the U.S., some estimate that 10% or more of GDP is attributable to the logistics industry. That would value the U.S. logistics market at close to $2 trillion! While all transportation modes are important, trucking represents the largest portion of logistics at nearly $400 billion; and with the increased reliance on third parties, the U.S. 3PL market has grown to over $200 billion.

This year, more than ever, we all know how critical logistics is to the well-being of our country. COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on America’s logistical heroes – drivers, warehouse personnel, logistics specialists, and countless others – that continue to source, distribute and deliver critical food, medical products, and personal protective equipment across our great country in this time of need.

On behalf of Logistics Plus and TIA, thank you for your #3PLSupport and for joining us to celebrate #NationalLogisticsDay. As your next stop, please be sure to visit the following TIA web page www.tianet.org/national-logistics-day … and if you’re a 3PL, broker or forwarder, please consider becoming a TA member (if you aren’t already). They have great advocacy, benefits, and resources.