An additional thought for today from our good friends at Armada I thought I’d share – JB


ArmadaI really do try to remember this. I know full well that I live a charmed existence and try to not forget to be grateful for this and to understand that many do not. My wife is my best friend and has been for over 40 years. She has quite literally made my life possible. I have a business partner that I have been with for twenty plus years and consider a close and trusted friend. Our “right hand” woman is Karen and there is no more loyal and dedicated person. I have great friends, step-sons I love and grandkids that make me proud every day. I do what I like to do for a living and so on – you get the idea. Even my recent health issues were very minor – basically temporary annoyances.

Then I see people who are engaged in a major struggle every day of their lives and nobody really seems to care or even notice. I was waiting for an appointment with my eye surgeon yesterday and an older man with a walker made his way slowly to the desk. He was late for his appointment and this obviously perturbed the receptionist. This place is a whirlwind of activity and doctors squeeze people in every fifteen to twenty minutes so I get why late arrivals are a problem but he was soon reduced to near tears as he was told that he would have to reschedule for another day. He started to explain to nobody in particular that he can no longer drive and has to rely on others. He has no family left and can only plead with his neighbor to help out. They do but apparently not enthusiastically as they have responsibilities of their own. Just as I thought he would break down a young man walked up and said “he can have my slot if that is ok. I don’t have anything urgent and I can run over here anytime – my office is just down the street”. The old man didn’t know what to say but the young guy pointed to the man’s arm and then rolled up his own sleeve to reveal a similar tattoo. “Semper Fi” was all he said and he walked away.

By Mr. Keith Prather

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