Picking the logistics professional brain

Manual IconUniversities in the US don’t offer degrees in freight forwarding or Customs brokerage. Folks that work in these fields generally learn through on-the-job training, often starting as office clerks. A wealth of information is available for those with the drive to grow in the forwarding and brokerage industries. Exporters don’t have to know as much as a seasoned freight forwarder, nor do importers have to obtain their Customs broker license. However, it can be very useful for various departments in an exporting or importing firm to learn specific facets of what the forwarder or broker does.

Over years of experience in the freight forwarding / Customs brokerage industry, we’ve amassed a wealth of organized reference information. This is conveyed through webinars, courses, manuals, software, and hard copy references offered through H.C. Bennett Company. These are the training and education aspects of Forwarding Plus and Customs Brokerage Plus.

For exporters, your shipping department may want to learn more about export packing and international logistics options. Your finance folks may want to understand methods of getting paid in more depth. Your compliance folks want to ensure government regulations are being followed properly. Customer service wants to know how to create documentation that supports the Incoterms of sale. Your sales department may want the ability to access software to monitor the status of sales orders drilled down to the line item level.

Import managers should be conversant with Customs law regulations and optimal office procedures. The purchasing department wants to issue purchase orders that cover clauses important for the eventual destination receiving and clearance. An import department can find software that marries the purchase order to the Customs entry very useful for monitoring the transaction from PO issuance to liquidation.

Both an importer and exporter welcome the input to create a comprehensive operation manual. This can be used for possible audit purposes, but more importantly as a tool for the entire company to consult for guidance.

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