Import Wizard – Collaborating functions of the import transaction

A licensed Customs broker with over 30 years of experience in the field developed software to provide a platform to synchronize import shipment data. All detailed facets of importing, government compliance, training support, and systematization of the import process from PO issuance to liquidation are covered. The idea is to provide a company’s import manager with tools to monitor purchase order activity, international shipping, US clearance, and receiving operations under the same platform.

Import Wizard LogoBy having all data in one place, queries and reports can be customized by selective filters or sorting. Events along the supply chain can be monitored for delays or other issues. An automatic letter of transmittal detailing all needed information for the Customs clearance and on-forwarding instructions can be easily provided to your Customs broker. Links to reference material and training presentations are provided – for instance, bring up a presentation that covers the nuances of temporary importations. Or, send your supplier guidance on how you want specific orders packed. Interface with Customs liquidation records to ensure a “clean” liquidation of a particular entry (which is made up of purchase orders) is evident. Provide a means to follow-up on shipment issues, such as a need to expedite, check on a claim, review the correct classification and valuation was used by your Customs broker, etc. And, since this combines all cost data of the import shipment, the landed cost can easily be derived.

Using this software will impress a Customs auditor. You’ll be able to demonstrate compliance with Customs regulations and easily summarize any specific inquiries the auditor may have. The Part Wizard portion of this program allows you to link other government agency requirements to products being imported. Also, specific detail, such as country of origin, valuation adjustments, classification, packing requirements, pictures/specs of the product can be brought up. The “devil is in the details” – as Customs entry requirements become more sophisticated, there will be an increased requirement for the importer to furnish product-specific detail for Customs’ review.

The Import Wizard can be purchased from H.C. Bennett Company (HCB), a Logistics Plus company, for a rather nominal cost compared to “off the shelf” versions sold by large freight forwarder / Customs broker software companies. With them, you’re usually speaking with a salesperson who may or may not have worked extensively as a Customs broker. With HCB, you’re dealing with a seasoned Customs broker who understands the business and database organization. This makes it possible to modify the Import Wizard for use that fits you.

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