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Logistics Plus Medical Customer Testimonials

Over the past several months, the Logistics Plus Medical team has sourced and delivered over 10 million pieces of PPE around the world, including KN95 masks, disposable surgical masks, gloves, face shields, goggles, hand sanitizers, thermometers, and air purifiers (including a 1 million face shield order for a state procurement agency). As a part of… Read more »

Logistics Plus Completes Urgent Hand-Carry Delivery To China

Matt Heinzman, Asia Trade Lane Manager for Logistics Plus, completed an urgent hand-carry delivery to Shanghai, China for one of our global customers. The customer, needing the parts delivered urgently, called Logistics Plus to schedule the pickup and delivery of goods from Chicago to Shanghai. The challenge for this delivery was that, due to the… Read more »

Logistics Plus Dubai Assists With Urgent Project

Yossava Trans Logistics recently nominated Logistics Plus Dubai to handle one of their critical air shipments for a project called “Sambu II Expansion Project PT JGC INDONESIA.” Project Scope: On short notice, two units of firefighting foam skids and accessories (6 units total) were required to be shipped together to the client. In order to… Read more »

Congratulations to the Logistics Plus Google Team!

LP Google Team

Congratulations to the Logistics Plus (LP) Google Team! Due to their incredible (and totally predictably good) work, Google has extended our short-term “Proof of Concept” contract into a much longer-term deal.  The LP Google Team has totally impressed the 2nd most valuable company on the face of the planet by helping it manage the logistics… Read more »

Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn


Logistics Plus was recently asked to participate in an online article focusing on strategies to reduce customer churn.  The author, Angela Stingfellow, posed the question “What’s the single most effective way companies can reduce customer churn?” to a variety of industry professionals. Her complete article can be found on the NGDATA website by clicking the image below. NGDATA helps companies in… Read more »

Putting the “Plus” in Logistics Plus – Hand Carry Service to Scotland


People often ask us what the “Plus” in Logistics Plus means. Although it can be difficult to put into words, we often say the “plus” represents all of the extra little things we do to help our customers be successful – whether that means someone working late to track a shipment, assigning a dedicated resource… Read more »

Hand Carry from Jamestown, NY to Puebla, Mexico in 16 Hours!

We got a call from a customer of ours on Friday around 11 am for a shipment from NY that had to be delivered RIGHT AWAY.  Emily Grein took off to go get the freight while Abi booked her a flight from Buffalo. We also called the customer to make sure that the freight was… Read more »

Port Congestion Notice

Please note that port congestion along the US west coast is continuing, and US east coast ports are becoming congested as well. Norfolk, in particular, is experiencing congestion due to record-setting container volumes. New York/Newark has been experiencing congestion due to the unusually harsh winter weather. Canada is not immune to the delays being experienced… Read more »