2017 Best of Varsity Cup – Event Recap

Logo-with-Sponsors-HorizontIt was such an honor for Logistics Plus to have sponsored 2017 Best of Varsity Cup event which culminated with the awards banquet Friday evening at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center. Jim Berlin founded Logistics Plus 20 years ago with one guiding principle: Passion For Excellence. That passion has helped transform Logistics Plus from what it was in 1996: Three employees and one customer … to what it is today: A global company, based right here in Erie, with over 400 employees serving thousands of customers all around the world. Clearly, the district 10 student-athletes honored Friday evening also have a strong passion for excellence. We hope these student-athletes keep that same passion and competitiveness as they move on to the next phases of their lives. Whether that involves athletics, education, starting a career, or raising a family – having a passion for what you do will ensure your continued success in life.

You can read the final recap from Erie Times-News online at Also included here are some photographs of Logistics Plus employees at the event (Flickr slide show below), and a couple videos from WICU 12 via

2017 Best of Varsity Cup