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Customer testimonials, reviews, and referrals are essential to us. If you are a current Logistics Plus customer, we’d be grateful if you could spare just a few moments to email a short testimonial to contact@logisticsplus.com on the services we provide to you, your experience with us, and what you liked the most.

If you’re currently not working with us, we invite you to become a customer and experience for yourself how we put the “plus” in Logistics Plus by doing all of the extra things you need to be successful.

Incredible Service And Communication

“That’s great news and savings for us by getting the container out of the port! I appreciate all your efforts on this. While this was a challenging shipment that seemed to never end, this was my first shipment with Logistics Plus, and you and your team have provided incredible service and communication. I look forward to continuing to work together!”

-Advanced Services Manager

Knocks It Out Of The Park

“I just wanted to reach out and give you some input. I wanted to relay how great it is to work with Tyler Perschka and the LP team. We throw a lot at him (normally with not much time to work with), and he always knocks it out of the park and finds a way to get our product from point A to point B efficiently. He has sorted out forklift and timing issues without breaking a sweat.”

“He is truly a joy to work with, and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate his and Logistic Plus’ partnership.”

-Purchasing & Inventory Control Supervisor

I Awe and Continue to Be Amazed

“You are professionals and the very best at what you do; I awe and continue to be amazed more and more at your capabilities and solutions-driven mindset.”

– Strategic Buyer

Impressed is an Understatement

“Our drill is currently in Las Palmas for its SPS, and this critical shipment was required to meet the rig before it departed back to Guyana at the end of July. Due to the size, our only option was to ship it using sea freight, and LP came through again! The Project Cargo team was able to book, coordinate, and provide constant communication to make sure we met our deadline, all in a 10-hour window! Honestly, I was not sure we were going to make it, but they turned it around! Impressed is an understatement.”

“Thank you again for showing the highest level of service and attention to our account.”

-Logistics Coordinator

The Extra Lengths

“I wanted to let you know the extra lengths that Logistics Plus has gone to help me ship out a critical ocean shipment for our customer in South Africa.  Per the vessel schedule, last weekend was the final weekend we could get the $1.1M container out of our warehouse in Plainfield to make the vessel and deliver to the customer before quarter end.  With the challenges at our warehouses, the LP team stayed up until 11:30 pm on Friday and continued working Saturday with me and the warehouse to finalize the export documentation. This was the true definition of your team putting the “+” in logistics. Thank you so much!”

-Senior Customer Order & Fulfillment Manager

Prompt, Efficient, and Personalized Service

“Glad we are associated with Logistics Plus! As a new customer, we are very happy with the outstanding service provided. Compared to the big forwarding companies, your service was so prompt, efficient, and personalized. Every single detail was taken care of from beginning to end. Wilson was a pleasure to work with and was outstanding with follow-up. He was efficient and very organized, keeping communication open between our office, vendors, and all the warehouses involved. Looking forward to many more shipments with LP and working with Wilson!”

-Srinivas Tirupati (Regional Sales Manager)

Wouldn’t Be As Smooth


“You’re the best! Thanks for all your hard work and support. The Schindler side of the warehouse would not be as smooth running without the Logistics Plus team. I really do appreciate it!”

-Tony DiLegge (Supervisor)

Communication Has Been Superb

I’m new to our company and this is my first time working with your team. I wanted to reach out and thank you for your support here. I’ve got to tell you that your communication throughout this process has been superb. You were proactive, giving us updates each step of the way. You were very friendly and informative throughout the process. Your partnership is much appreciated – great job, and thank you!

-Senior Vice President

The Spectacular Service You Provide

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for the spectacular service you provide. I am a Traffic Manager for the Corporate office at (an IL-based industrial manufacturer). I get to deal with lots of 3PLs every day, and of course, both of you (Kristen and Kristin), the company you work for, sticks out as the best that I have ever dealt with as far as 3PLs. If I were ever in the market to work with a 3PL, it would definitely be with Logistics Plus. I am thoroughly impressed and just wanted you both to know that. What prompted me to send this to you is the fact that I just received inquiries from 3 separate Logistics Specialists that work for (one of your competitors) and I said, “thank you, but no thank you,” to all of them. (Your competitor) has a pretty big footprint in the Logistics Community. However, I am not the least bit impressed by their service. Again, thank you. I received BOL’s from both of you in record time for a Logistics company. Have a Lovely Day.

Traffic Manager for an Illinois-based Industrial Manufacturer

We Feel Like a Priority


I am so thankful that we found Logistics Plus. We typically don’t have a need for shipping and logistics companies – so the first three that we have worked with left us feeling that we should just expect subpar customer service in this industry. I’m so thankful we found Logistics Plus and Andrew Grizales. Every single person we’ve interacted with has been organized, personable, resourceful, patient, and totally customer focused. We are not a huge customer. We have one to two jobs that we will need logistics help with – but we feel like a priority with Logistics Plus, which is not the case with others in this industry. We went to the warehouse in Bensenville last week to check on the status of our inventory, and we were so impressed with how organized everything was – and how smoothly everything ran. I am so thankful we found Logistics Plus. Although we don’t have the opportunity to use these types of services very often, we will definitely come back to them – and recommend them – whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

-Monique Gilbert (Vice President)

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