Free Trade Agreements

Logistics Plus® offers Free Trade Agreement management solutions that will save your company time and effort.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) management.

Although NAFTA and USMCA are a popular topics in the news, are you aware that the U.S. also has Free Trade Agreements with 20 additional countries?

Logistics Plus assists companies with qualifying products for all U.S. Free Trade Agreements. Our team will complete certificates of origin, supplier solicitation questionnaires, and certification statements.

Logistics Plus Free Trade Agreement Management

Why is this important?

If you are issuing certificates or statements of origin for NAFTA, USMCA, or another Free Trade Agreement, you are legally required to ensure your certificates and statements are true and accurate. As the issuer of the certificate or statement, you must consult the respective FTA rules of origin to determine whether or not your products qualify for preferential treatment. It is illegal for companies to make false FTA preferential treatment claims and penalties for false claims are imposed by the customs authority of the importing country. Legal determination of FTA preferential treatment is heavily reliant upon information obtained from component suppliers, such as HTS and country of origin data.

How can we help?

Our NAFTA, USMCA, and FTA management solutions can save your company time and significant effort by outsourcing the burdensome tasks of data solicitation from your suppliers. We will also complete BOM review and FTA origin analysis to determine finished product preferential treatment eligibility. Whether your company has a few products to review, or thousands of products, Logistics Plus can manage the process.

How much does this service cost?

Pricing is dependent based on the volume of products and number of trade agreements to qualify each product for.  An hourly rate for low volume requests or annual contract rate for high volume requests are options that we offer.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today for more information. When it comes to global trade compliance, our experts will guide you through the complexities during each step of the process. Nobody understands compliance like we do.

Adam Mook (Compliance Department Manager)