Employee Comments

Based on anonymous work surveys, Logistics Plus employees say that we are a Great Place to Work!

Comments From Logistics Plus Employees:

“Logistics Plus is an awesome place to work! The leaders here care about us as people, we’re not just employees making the company another dollar. They are flexible with us, not just in our work, but in our lives as well, and in a time when the world is being rocked by a pandemic having an employer who is flexible enough to allow us to take care of ourselves and our families as needed is a priceless quality. Add all of the ‘little’ things in, such as site-wide free lunches every couple of weeks to allow internal community growth, a private gym with a personal trainer available during the workday to maintain our personal health and work out stress, chair massages, department get-togethers, air hockey tournaments, and charity collections to give back to our own community – they have created an environment that allows us to blossom into well rounded, happy, healthy employees and teams. I can’t imagine working anywhere else and being as happy as I am now.” – 2023

“I work remotely as needed for health reasons 1-3 days a month. The company ensures that my health comes first and supports me by providing flexibility for Dr appointments and remote work. The organization promotes positivity and honesty, which makes it a happy and fulfilling place to work. The employees I work with are some of the most talented I have found in the industry. My ideas and opinions are more respected here than I have ever found with a past employer. That keeps me motivated to ensure the success of my team, business unit, and the company overall. I LOVE IT HERE!” – 2023

“The CEO went out of his way to introduce himself to me during my first week here. The company recognizes good work and will recognize employees out loud to others. The CEO and the company seem appreciative of the employees and the work they do. It is easy for me to go home and want to continue to work, knowing that I work for a company that values its employees and makes that known. I have never worked in an environment like this, and I honestly believe that there is not an environment like this at such a big, successful company. I have worked for bigger companies before, and it was clear where they sat. It was clear they were just out for money and saw employees as numbers. Jim Berlin takes his time to get to know people within his company. Jim takes his time to answer emails personally. The first time I ever met Jim, I was not aware that he was the CEO. He carries himself so humble and does not flaunt himself. I proudly state that I work at Logistics Plus and tell people are grateful I am day in and day out for what this company has done for their employees and me in the few months that I have been here.” – 2022

“The success of this company is the people who work in it. From the top-down, everyone is committed to doing whatever is necessary to see the company thrive. The same positive attitude can be seen at the very top all the way to a new hire that’s been here a few months. I have never worked anywhere where this is the case until finding LP. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day where it has been more of a chore in the past before finding LP. You can see the happiness in people at work. A very rare thing to have in the world today.” – 2022

“Logistics Plus has a lot to offer in terms of employment, benefits, opportunity, and culture. The company is rapidly growing, and the leaders appear to be 1 step ahead and steering it in the right direction. There are many opportunities and different areas of the business in which one can learn, and the leaders do not hold anyone back from wanting to know more. Raises, promotions, etc. are merit-based versus tenure, which in my opinion is the way all companies should be.” – 2022 

“There isn’t enough space to explain how much I love this place. I actually look forward to coming to work every day. I love the atmosphere and the people. I love making a difference with the customer and that they appreciate the help I give them. The owner/CEO is amazing, and that word isn’t doing him justice. Not only is he brilliant with his thinking business-wise. He, to me personally, is kind, loving, understanding, forgiving, thoughtful, and the list goes on. I don’t see myself ever being anywhere but here. I absolutely love and will always love working here.” – 2022 

“I couldn’t imagine a better place to work. The people make an organization, and I believe Logistics Plus has some of the best employees around. Everyone comes together to get the job done. People come from all different backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the job, but at the end of the day, employees come together to come up with the right solutions for the customer. After all, the customers are what we come to work for, and when each employee treats them properly, that does nothing but helps the company continue to grow.” – 2022 

“I rate this organization at a 10 because of how we are treated and not just some employee. They understand we have family needs and emergencies and work with us when needed. They help us when we have questions and give us new ideas on how to explain something to our customers better next time so that they better understand why something happened. Logistics Plus is a great place to work because they welcome all ages and non-experienced to experienced people. I came in not knowing anything, and almost 2 years later, I know so much.” – 2022

“Logistics Plus is unlike any other organization I have witnessed (or heard about). This company, led by a people-focused CEO, has a communal mentality for overall company success. It feels like every employee here has internalized the mission that our CEO enforces daily and operates within that model without trying too hard. At the end of the day, Logistics Plus has very happy employees because the people that stay with LP get it. They understand the vision, they are self-motivated, and accountability is clear. There is nowhere to hide in a medium-sized company. You are either doing the job required, or you are going above and beyond. There is no room for anything less in this industry. The people here elevate new hires into this mentality, and it truly strengthens those individual’s work ethic and connection to the company mission and goals. I would not work anywhere else, even if they doubled my salary. The feeling I get coming into work and the excitement I feel is like nothing I have felt before in a “job.” This is so much more than a job. I am afforded the ability in my role to help shape the future of Logistics Plus. It is a role that is not taken lightly, and every day is a new exciting challenge that continues to push me outside my comfort zone so I can grow. I Love LP!” – 2021

“I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, I’ve run my own technology startup, and seen everything in between. This is a special organization. Its flat structure enables every individual employee to be an entrepreneur to experiment constantly, fail fast, and double down on the wins. That type of behavior is encouraged. That’s what keeps us nimble and relevant and creating value for our clients. We don’t ask managers for permission to do the things that will help our customers and our own personnel. We just get it done. Our founder and CEO sets the organization’s tone. We’re all committed to the goal grow and create value. Logistics Plus isn’t for everybody. This environment doesn’t work for folks who need to be told what to do every day. But, it’s special in a way that’s worth celebrating.” – 2021

“This is an engaging environment, and I look forward to going to work, even on Monday mornings. The organization is very good at what it is doing for our customers, streamlining their logistics, reducing their cost and reducing their delivery times, so we have attracted some well-known clients. The organization is also willing to step into new roles quickly and effectively for our clients, like managing largescale office installations. A big plus for me is the international side, including working with our offices overseas, working with people with very different cultural backgrounds, and occasionally bridging language barriers. I learn from it, and the team results are stronger for it. Finally, but not the least: I really enjoy working with very capable, energetic, motivated, and personable young people.” – 2021

“Living in the city of Erie all my life, there are only 3 great places to work, and Logistics Plus is one of them. I am very lucky at the age that I am now to have the opportunity to be able to learn the logistics of LP and going in not knowing a darn thing. When walking in on my first day, I was a nervous mess and unsure if I could do this kind of job. There was a lot of information all at once, very overwhelming. However, every single employee here welcomed me with open arms and had confidence in me. Making me feel great and loving this place to come to work every day. Getting to my point, Logistics Plus is number one in my book, and I would recommend working at Logistics Plus is the best place to work!” – 2020

“Logistics Plus is by far the best place I have ever worked. There is an engaged community of professional people here, always willing to go the extra mile to collaborate to get things accomplished. There is almost always an expert on a given topic, but the ego doesn’t ever seem to get in the way of progress. This is no easy task but is done almost to perfection because of the quality of employees in the building and out in the field. I strongly feel that people are not afraid to make mistakes here, and that is how true progress is made in developing long-term customers.” – 2020