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Logistics Plus® Data Center Services (DCS) serves clients seeking a one-stop global solution for data center projects.

World-Class Data Center Logistics Solutions.

Logistics Plus provides outstanding value-added data center logistics and supply chain services through cost-effective operational planning, efficient execution, unparalleled visibility, and exceptional project management. 

Logistics Plus understands the highly sensitive nature of the data center industry. We will work with you to ensure that your servers are safely packed, shipped, received, and installed with the highest levels of security.

Our dedicated team supports projects ranging in size and scope from <1MW modular data centers to extensive 100+MW phased constructions that span multiple years.

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Our Data Center Services (DCS) Include:

Our teams listen, then design customized and comprehensive supply chain solutions for our clients. Our world-renowned technology suite and customer portal can be operated independently, or can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any ERP, providing data analytics that drive efficiency and savings.

  • Demand Forecasting & Capacity Management
  • Site Selection, Power Generation, Engineering
  • Materials Procurement, Long Lead Management, & Capacity Reservation
  • Warehousing, Distribution, & Freight Management
  • Global Transportation & Freight Management
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Quality Management

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