Artificial Intelligence

Logistics Plus®️ is using AI for greater efficiency, optimization, and safety within its systems and for our clients’ supply chains.

AI is transforming the logistics industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics in many exciting ways, bringing greater efficiency, optimization, and even safety to the complex dance of moving goods around the world. AI is transforming the logistics industry by making it more efficient, resilient, and adaptable. As AI technology continues to evolve, you can be sure that Logistics Plus will remain on the cutting edge.

Here are some key areas Logistics Plus is (or will soon be) using AI applications:

  • Real-time or dynamically prequalifying and suggesting carriers/vendors based on requirements and preferences.
  • Carrier selection based on historical data, performance, and equipment availability with real-time analysis of carrier load-boards in tandem with our TMS data.
  • Consolidations and mode selection assistance are provided by running alternate pricing analyses to downsize FTL into LTL or consolidate LTL from multiple carriers into a single carrier LTL or FTL move.
  • Analyzing client order and shipment data and building savings scenarios using different Logistics Plus warehouse locations, with inventory allocation to warehouses based on demand volume.
  • Supply and demand planning and procurement assistance via AI-assisted predictive analytics.
  • Warehouse storage location analysis and optimization based on SKU, order velocity, and pick travel distance for fast-moving items.
  • Warehouse temporary labor efficiency by running performance and analysis of downtime, time outside of the building, etc., per employee based on CCTV video footage.
  • Improve worker safety by analyzing video footage addressing potentially dangerous activities and behavior and by monitoring truck yards and warehouses for unauthorized entry, etc.
  • Accounts receivables (AR) and accounts payable (AP) processing and optimization.

Outside of its core systems, Logistics Plus has been using AI in IT and IT security for years. Some examples include:

  • Monitoring data traffic for abnormal connections and behavior, analyzing several internal and external variables to continuously identify threats, alert the cybersecurity team, and halt attacks.
  • AI-driven phishing and internet threat awareness training with personalized testing and training of employees on internet threats and security based on their prior behavior, individual performance, and risk factors.
  • Advanced Threat Protection is also used at firewalls to detect complex or unknown threats.
  • Logistics Plus cloud-based environments also utilize AI in many shapes and forms.
  • Logistics Plus WiFi networks use AI to adapt and automatically optimize wireless traffic and avoid interferences.