Business Intelligence

Logistics Plus® Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are designed with a user-centric approach.

End-to-end supply

chain visibility.

Logistics Plus Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are designed with a user-centric approach. We provide our clients with end-to-end supply chain visibility using interactive dashboards, predictive analytics, custom reporting, shipment tracking and tracing, freight invoicing, and global control tower capabilities.

Analytics that can be tracked by using our Business Intelligence solutions includes transportation costs, carrier trends, forwarding modes, carrier performance metrics, freight invoice accuracy, vendor shipping, lane and mode analysis, warehousing stock and inventory trends, product roll-out measurements, weather alerts, and more.

Business Intelligence Solutions:

Client-Specific Solutions

We provide custom analytic solutions that are reflective of specific customer requirements. We cater to our clients’ exact specifications and requirements rather than having a standard “out of the box” solution. Everything that Logistics Plus provides is 100% customizable. Although Logistics Plus customers mainly use our client-specific solutions, our dashboard and analytic solutions can also be purchased as a standalone service.

Predictive Analytics

Our BI team extrapolates insights from existing data to find likely outcomes. In other words, predictive analytics helps businesses with budgeting and planning by forecasting future costs, inventory levels, and much more. Our team utilizes existing data and trends to anticipate future events. We also provide real-time analytic info such as weather alerts that may be affecting current shipments.

Custom Reporting

Our custom reporting abilities begin with raw data and end with digestible, useful information for our clients. Whether through data evaluation or macro-level data consumption, our team will find savings opportunities by completing optimization studies to find out the best way to distribute products efficiently.

Control Tower Capabilities

Logistics Plus captures data points regarding the physical movement of shipments across the globe. By tracking milestones and the progress of each shipment, our team can identify specific pain points in a supply chain over time. Our control tower capabilities find the root cause of supply chain disruptions so that our clients can readjust their expectations or change their processes in a specific country. By offering the flexibility of tracking one unique shipment or analyzing multiple shipments on an aggregate level, our control tower capabilities allow our customers to gain a better perspective on all shipment activities.