Best Service I Could Ask For

Current Customer (Confidential)

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I wanted to inform you that I had the best dang service I could have asked for from two of your team members, Megan Stetz and Holly Rader. Holly ensured all of my client’s ocean shipments went smooth from port to destination without any hiccups. Megan was dealt an incredibly difficult situation that was very much so not ideal for all parties involved.  However, she assisted me and my client after hours, Saturday and Sunday, and kept me in the loop along the way with details on the good, bad, and horrible news throughout the cycle of this job.  Nonetheless, both of them got this done for me and a very very large client of mine.

Have a fantastic holiday. I am a big believer in giving credit where credit is due and you have some rockstars on your team.  Thank you!

-Senior Sales Manager