Greater China – Shanghai

Shanghai, CN is home to a Logistics Plus® office! We provide complete logistics and supply chain management.

Shanghai is the largest city in China.

Shanghai is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of the People’s Republic of China, with a population of more than 25 million. It is a global financial center, a major transport hub, and home to the world’s busiest container port. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China, Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze in the middle portion of the Chinese coast. Shanghai is also home to a Logistics Plus office, where we proudly serve both small and large businesses throughout the region.

Whether it is working as your 3PL or 4PL partner, our solutions include transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence, technology, and unique supply chain solutions.

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Logistics Plus Shanghai, China (Location 1)
12th floor, 308 Wu Song Road
Yao Jiang Plaza, Shanghai, China 200080

Logistics Plus Shanghai, China (Location 2)
899 PanLong road, 19F, 1902-1903 office
Lanyun Cultural Center, South Building
Qingpu District, Shanghai 201702 China


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