Employees Graduate Dale Carnegie Skills For Success Class

A new group of Logistics Plus employees graduated from the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success class at our global headquarters in Erie, PA. For the fifth time, Logistics Plus provided this foundational leadership program to nearly 20 employees who volunteered to strengthen their people, communication, management, and leadership skills, build confidence, and manage stress more effectively.

The course took place for three and a half hours every Wednesday for eight weeks. The program will continue to be made available to additional Logistics Plus employees in the future.

dale carnegie

The Dale Carnegie Skills for Success course has five main objectives:

  1. Build greater self-confidence
  2. Strengthen people skills
  3. Enhance communication skills
  4. Develop leadership skills
  5. Reduce stress and improve our attitude

The Dale Carnegie program is used worldwide to help companies improve leadership skills and invest in their employees. Jim Berlin, Founder and CEO of Logistics Plus, has taken the course twice and wanted to allow his employees to experience it.  Jim said, “In my mind, this course gives you the ‘tricks of the trade’ on becoming a better human being, getting along with others, and getting things done. I’d highly recommend it to everyone.”

Upon completion of the class, Chris Klingensmith won the ‘Highest Achiever’ award for his commitment and hard work in the class. Congratulations!

skills for success class May 2023