Giving Special Love to this Shipment


I want to express my appreciation to your team for their support for a Mexico shipment for a list of machines and fixtures that were delivered today.

Special thanks to Francisco Tijerina and his team member Cynthia Garza! My coworker initiated this shipment in May 2019 but till May 2020 we had no success bringing the shipment up to (our Illinois location). Our operation has started experiencing downtime without these machines. This shipment involved some old purchases (5 years ago) out of a Mexico factory as well as some fixtures exported from the US to Mexico back then. Due to the long history, it was unclear for the vendor regarding the export documentation. Francisco took advantage of his expertise on Customs clearance for Mexico and the US. He took initiative on this subject and discussed it with the vendor and Logistics Plus’ internal team with the intention to save (our company) cost. Without his effort, (our company) could have paid an additional cost of $3,600 and other minimal charges. Cynthia has been giving special love to this shipment and monitored the whole process very closely making sure nothing falls short. Most importantly, this shipment has arrived at (our Illinois location) this afternoon.

This shipment is the first batch of a larger list. I will keep Logistics Plus in mind for the remaining items on the list as well as future international shipments.

Thanks again.

Project Manager – Strategic Sourcing