Global Logistics Alert: Canada Reverses Vaccine Mandate for Truckers

global logistics alert

Alert Message:

In November 2021, the Canadian federal government announced that truck drivers crossing the border from the United States into Canada would need to be fully vaccinated by January 15th, 2022. Now, the government is backing down from its vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers just three days before it was set to go into effect. The mandate still applies to American truck drivers going into Canada, however.

The government faced pressure from the trucking industry to drop the mandate saying that it would result in an even more significant driver shortage and would put additional strain on supply chains amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) estimated that the government mandate would have forced roughly 16,000 cross-border drivers off the road. With more than two-thirds of the $511 billion in goods traded between Canada and the United States, the trucking industry is key.

The full article can be found on Reuters website here: