Hand Carry from Jamestown, NY to Puebla, Mexico in 16 Hours!

We got a call from a customer of ours on Friday around 11 am for a shipment from NY that had to be delivered RIGHT AWAY.  Emily Grein took off to go get the freight while Abi booked her a flight from Buffalo. We also called the customer to make sure that the freight was ready for Emily when she got there (since the plane was leaving in a couple of hours).
Emily made it to the gate in Buffalo JUST IN TIME to make the flight to Atlanta and then connect to a flight to Mexico City where Liz, FT, Pepe, and the Logistics Plus Mexico team did a bang-up job getting a driver to meet her at the airport, clear customs and deliver the freight AT 2:53 IN THE MORNING.
16 hours from the time we were notified until we delivered to Puebla, Mexico. How cool is that?