Keeping Your Loading Docks Healthy

Covid-19: Tips for Shippers & Consignees

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many truck drivers are finding that it’s increasingly difficult to deliver freight. Some drivers are being denied into buildings, some are being required to fill out extra forms and bills are being left in the back of trailers.  Listed below are 9 tips for keeping your loading docks healthy.  (Click the banner or thumbnail image below to download a PDF copy of these tips)


1) Ask Drivers and Dock Personnel to maintain the practice of “Social Distancing” and stand 6-10 feet away when interacting.

2) Make hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, disposable face masks, clean and unused pens readily available to drivers and dock personnel.

3) Limit loading and offloading, sort & segregation, routine inspection and count, and other dock activities to your own shipping/receiving personnel to avoid having drivers spend any unnecessary time on the dock.

4) Shippers – provide pre-signed copies of BOL’s and shipping docs on the freight, or in the back of the loaded trailer to limit interaction with driver.

5) Consignees – request that the driver themselves record the exact time of delivery, note any exceptions and obtain the name of the person who is accepting the freight. If a copy of the delivery receipt is required, request the driver leave a copy on top of the freight.

6) Many larger carriers have implemented their own forms of social distancing and rules of interaction for their drivers.  Please be understanding and respectful of new policies drivers may be instructed to follow by their management.

7) Many shippers and consignees are asking drivers to stay in their trucks and stay out of buildings completely.  This is a good way to help avoid contact all together.  However…

8) Please consider that many regions have closed rest areas, public restrooms, restaurants, dining rooms, etc.  Drivers need access to clean bathrooms and hand washing facilities now more than ever.  Please help make sanitary basic restroom facilities accessible either inside your facility or by providing external port-a-potties and portable hand washing stations.  The drivers that are serving you will appreciate it!!!!

9) Check the CDC website for updates:

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