Logistics Plus Egypt Handles Replica Artifacts Project

egypt artifactsThe Logistics Plus Egypt team completed a fascinating project, handling the shipment of exquisite replicas of Egyptian pharaoh statues and a decorative sarcophagus. Demonstrating a blend of reverence for historical art and logistic mastery, the task involved the creation of custom-made crates designed to protect these artifacts.

Crafted to echo the grandeur of Egypt’s rich past, each replica required individualized packaging solutions. Our specialists developed bespoke crating, considering every contour and feature, ensuring these replicas were transported with the honor befitting royalty. With the dignified stance of the pharaohs and the sarcophagus, the statues were secured within robust enclosures, ready for their journey.

The project presented a unique opportunity to exhibit Logistics Plus Egypt’s commitment to delivering specialized shipping solutions. From the careful packing within our facilities to overseeing the loading process, meticulous attention to detail was paramount. Our global network was instrumental in maneuvering these replicas, ensuring they reached their destination in perfect condition.

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