Logistics Plus Poland August 2023 Projects

LP Poland LogoThe Logistics Plus (LP) Poland project cargo team continues to support and manage projects across Poland and nearby countries. Here are three of the most recent projects handled by LP Poland in August 2023.

1) Aircraft Stabilizer

The Logistics Plus Poland team successfully delivered a sensitive aircraft stabilizer to a prominent aerospace client. The unique dimensions and curves of the stabilizer made for a challenge, as the cargo could only be transported at a maximum speed of 20 km/hr. The stabilizer was loaded onto transport saddles utilizing a pneumatic semi-trailer. Due to the size and low speed of transportation, the Poland Road Authority supported the project by providing additional convoy trucks.

Poland aircraft stabilizer project Long-White-Spacer

2) Oversized Devices

Logistics Plus Poland completed a multi-step project by delivering a set of oversized devices to Scandinavia and crane components to the South of Poland. After both deliveries, the client sent the cargo for final assembly before reaching the job site.

Poland crane project August 2023 Long-White-Spacer

3) Prefabrication Parts

The Logistics Plus Poland team supported the local offshore industry by delivering tanks and prefabrication parts to one of the oldest shipyards in Gdańsk. Within a few weeks, the LP Poland team will transport the final products to Germany.

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