Logistics Plus Poland Completes More Projects

The Logistics Plus (LP) Poland project cargo team has remained busy the past few months, completing several more projects across the country. Listed below (and highlighted in the pictures) are some of the most recent projects handled by LP Poland.

  • LP Poland loaded and hauled a 90-ton reach stacker to a local client. The stacker arrived at the port with flat tires, and the team had to quickly find a mobile tire service that had custom valves to inflate the tires so that the Poland team could deliver on time.
  • The Poland team received and delivered two 60-ton boxes with press parts inside them. The boxes were discharged at the Hamburg port and then delivered by road via low-bed trailers to the customer in Poland.
  • LP Poland supported the Logistics Plus Ukraine team by handling the local carriage, reloading, and shrink-wrapping of generators and compressors that were ultimately delivered in Kyiv.
  • LP Poland handled the domestic transportation for over-dimensional components used in the offshore industry. The components were transported from Tarnów to Gdańsk, where they will be sent to Norway for further assembly.

You can see some of the photos from these recent projects below. To learn more about Logistics Plus Poland’s services, visit

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