Logistics Plus Poland June 2024 Projects

LP Poland LogoThe Logistics Plus (LP) Poland team has successfully organized transshipment operations and deliveries of industrial equipment throughout Europe, supporting the shipbuilding, renewable energy, and offshore sectors. In most cases, the technical parameters of the out-of-gauge (OOG) and heavy-lift (HL) cargo forced the team to utilize low-bed trucks, obtain road consents and permits, and secure the convoys with civil escorts for safety.

Here are the descriptions of each project handled by LP Poland in June 2024.

1) Poland Zukowo – Sweden Fliseryd

  • One export module (3300L x 2300W x 2700H mm) weighing 2760 kgs.
  • One filling station (3850L x 1950W x 3050H mm) weighing 1244 kgs.
  • One MR skid (7.1L x 4.15W x 4.15H mm) weighing 17500 kgs.
  • Expansion vessel skid (6.5L x3.5W x 3.5H mm) weighing 12500 kgs.

2) Poland Swiebodzin – Poland Gdynia

  • Vacuum furnace measuring 5300L x 3300W x 3500H mm weighing 16500 kgs.

3) Poland Dabrowa Tarnowska – Poland Przejazdowo

  • Cursor measuring 6708L x 3888W x 3568H mm weighing 12500 kgs.

4) Poland Zukowo – Sweden Gotene

  • Export module measuring 3.740L x 2.200W x 2.500H mm weighing 2500 kgs.
  • Filling station measuring 3.700L x 1.695W x 2.79H mm weighing 1300 kgs.

5) Stocznia Remontowa in Gdansk

  • Re-loaded two 20′ DV containers

6) Poland Elblag – France Alizay

  • Two heat exchangers measuring 1180W x 2900L x 3874H mm and 915W x 3300L x 3765H mm.
  • The units weighed 12500 kgs. and 8500 kgs.

Photos from these projects can be seen below. To learn more about Logistics Plus Poland, please visit pl.logisticsplus.com.

Poland june projects