Lord Corporation

Hi Ray and Chuck:

The Aerospace and Defense and Customer Service teams participate in a strategic recognition program called Brand Integrity™ where we nominate fellow employees when we see them “Living the Brand” or acting in a way that positively influences customer perception.  Witnessing and sharing the brand personality in others helps us emulate these behaviors.  For more information on the program you can click here to access information on SharePoint.

You have been nominated by David Vervoort as someone who has exhibited the LORD brand!  We want you and your manager to know how much your effort is appreciated.  You have demonstrated that customer service extends throughout the organization. Here’s your nomination:

I know in Customer Service we “drop in” hot shipments all the time, but this week was a great example of how responsive Ray Armel and Chuck Buhl are. I had 2 shipments for Oil and Gas customers that parts needed to ship ASAP and get there by yesterday. Ray was very quick to get the deliveries created and Chuck quickly stepped in to help with the logistics for both shipments. Without their help and quick reaction to my requests, we would not have had the favorable outcomes we had. Thank you Ray and Chuck for your quick attention to my requests.

Barb Berner, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Lord Corporation