Need PPE supplies? Order here.

09/16/2020 – The LP Med™ team has added several items to their already expansive line of personal protective equipment. Read here.

09/01/2020 – Logistics Plus is now offering complimentary PPE consultations through its growing LP Med™ division. Businesses looking to safely re-open – or keep open – their doors for employees and customers can request a full assessment and recommendation for all their PPE needs. Additionally, the LP Med PPE product line continues to expand, now including many different mask options, disinfecting alcohol wipes, and electrostatic sprayers.

07/27/2020Read a reprint of the article “Logistics Plus Delivers PPE to Frontline Heroes” that appeared in the August 2020 edition of Lake Erie Lifestyle magazine by Erie Times-News.

07/14/2020 – Just as an update, we want you to know that Logistics Plus remains fully operational to support our customers’ supply chain needs. Specific transportation carriers still have COVID-related protocols, such as consignee contact/call before delivery requirements, guaranteed service suspensions, etc. So, if you have any questions, please contact us before you tender any critical shipments.

Additionally, the LP Med™ personal protective equipment (PPE) consumer and wholesale sites remain available to those in need with new masks, goggles, and thermometer product options. Please visit covid.logisticsplus.com for more information on our PPE supplies.

Face Shield Assembly 7-13-2007/13/2020 – Last month, the LP Med™ division successfully sourced, packaged, and delivered an order for one million face shields to a state government organization.

This week, the team is busy pre-assembling an order for 10,000 face shields for a new client. If you have a critical PPE need – we deliver!

05/19/2020 – How Jim Berlin of Logistics Plus Plans To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy. Interview Here

05/15/2020 – Logistics Plus Continues to Source and Deliver FDA-Approved PPE. Read Here

05/14/2020– Just Sayin’ – CEO Message. Read Here

05/06/2020 – With a little help from our friends (at Delta). Read Here

04/23/2020 – Logistics Plus has created two new web pages to handle personal protective equipment (PPE) orders. For individuals and small businesses (orders under $500) click here.  For larger businesses and organizations (orders over $500) click here.

04/23/2020 – A local message from the CEO.  Read Here

04/17/2020 – This is a nice YouTube video from Dove to all the front-line heroes, and to those who support them. Watch Here

04/17/2020 – Some states, such as New York, as starting to mandate (or highly recommend) the use of masks for anyone out in public. If your business is in need of masks or other PPE supplies, we continue to have stock available for order and/or pre-order at http://covid.logisticsplus.com/ We’ll continue to source, warehouse, and distribute PPE supplies as long as there is a need for them. It keeps our employees busy and productive and, more importantly, it keeps America’s front-line and essential workers working and well-protected.

04/09/2020 – Coordinating Air Imports of PPE Supplies at ORD.  Read Here

04/03/2020 – A 3-week update from the CEO.  Read Here

04/02/2020 – We are pleased to announce that our first shipment of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies will be arriving in Erie, PA this weekend. PPE items can be ordered on the following website: http://covid.logisticsplus.com/  also Read More

04/01/2020 – Our partners at the Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) have a great set of COVID-19 Employer Resources for those that need them. Visit Here

03/27/2020 – If one link breaks, the chain falls apart. A message from the CEO. Read Here

03/26/2020 – We have set up a coronavirus (COVID-19) response team and phone number for anyone who is experiencing supply chain disruptions as a result of coronavirus. This number can also be used to order personal protective equipment (PPE) through Logistics Plus.
Please call 855-843-7452.

03/26/2020 – Please be aware that many LTL common carriers are no longer providing inside delivery services and many are also suspending their money-back, guaranteed delivery services.  Please contact our North American Division (NAD) operations team at nadops@logisticsplus.com if you have any specific questions regarding specific carriers.

03/25/2020 – Message from the CEO.  Read Here

03/25/2020 – Which U.S. States currently have stay-at-home orders? See the NY Times Here

03/24/2020It is the responsibility of all shippers that remain operational to confirm whether their customers/consignees are open before tendering shipments to those locations. If a shipment cannot be delivered due to the fact a consignee is closed, shippers may incur redelivery, reconsignment, storage, and/or return delivery fees by the carrier handling its shipment. As always, Logistics Plus will liaise between shippers and carriers to try and accommodate any special situations that might arise.

03/24/2020 – In the hopes of controlling the spread of covid-19, The County Executive for Erie County Pennsylvania issued a Stay At Home order beginning at 12:01 a.m. March 25, 2020, and will last until April 6th. Logistics Plus personnel based in Erie County will still be able to work from the office or home as we are still essential and lives depend upon the work we do in transportation and logistics. Read PA.gov Guides Here

03/21/2020 – Yuriy Ostapyk Participates in 2X eCommerce Podcast regarding COVID-19. Listen Here

03/21/2020 – Logistics Plus CEO Lauds Employees for Helping Today’s Heroes. Read Here

03/21/2020 – CISA-Guidance-on-Essential-Critical-Infrastructure-Workers-1-20-508c. Read Here

03/20/2020 – See important new updates below:

  • As of 03-20-20, only drivers who are citizens of the United States or Canada will be allowed to cross the border into Canada. We do anticipate a driver shortage. Please let us know about your shipment as early as possible so that we will be able to locate a qualified driver.
  • As of 03-20-20, only drivers who are citizens of the United States or Mexico will be allowed to cross the border into Mexico. We do anticipate a driver shortage. Please let us know about your shipment as early as possible so that we will be able to locate a qualified driver.
  • We do anticipate a driver shortage, however, as we are being told that only drivers who are citizens of the US or Canada are being allowed to cross the border. So please ship early, and often to ensure that we are able to locate a driver for your shipment.
  • Please note, the current COVID 19 pandemic has forced the shutdown of many receiving locations throughout the country.  To avoid any storage, diverted, or return freight issues, you are urged to please verify that the consignee of your freight intends to be open to receiving before initiating any shipment.
  • Need Air Charter Service? Cargo air charter services are designed to fill the gaps of traditional scheduled service air freight providers who offer flights at regular intervals to fixed origin/destinations, which clients must schedule in advance. Air Charter solutions work on exclusive use aircraft booked from specific origin to destination for your cargo needs based upon your time-frame. Please contact the Logistics Plus Air Charter team for your next urgent, air cargo needs

03/20/2020 – Jim Berlin Thoughts: The Chain That Connects Us. Read Here

03/20/2020 – Historic example of pulling together: Logistics Plus and our challenges after 9/11. Read Here

03/19/2020 – Keep Your Loading Docks Healthy. Read Here

03/19/2020 – Jim Berlin comments on WJET-TV. Read Here

03/16/2020 – Logistics Plus Coronavirus Statement. Read Here

03/16/2020 – A Message from Nurse Hallie. Read Here

03/16/2020 – Jim Berlin: A Different Thought For Today. Read Here

03/13/2020 – Jim Berlin comments in Erie Times-News. Read Here

03/13/2020 – Coronavirus Message from Logistics Plus Linguistic Solutions. Read Here

03/13/2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates from Logistics Plus. Read Here

03/03/2020 – Yuriy Ostapyak Provides Coronavirus Global Supply Chain Updates. Watch Video

03/02/2020 – Jim Berlin Discusses the Coronavirus on Bloomberg Radio. Listen Here

02/26/2020 – Gretchen Blough Discusses Coronavirus on Marketplace Podcast. Listen Here

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