LTL Delays Expected due to UPS Freight Situation

North American AlertNorth American Alert:

Attn: LTL Shippers & eShipPlus Users,

Current events with UPS Freight is threatening to cause delays throughout the less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping industry across North America.

As previously communicated, UPS Freight and the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee recently concluded a round of discussions on October 25, 2018.  UPS Teamster employees will go to their local union hall to cast ballots between November 7-11, but, at this point, UPS does not have an extension in place to the current UPS Freight contract.  As a precaution, so that customers don’t get caught with freight sitting on its docks should there be a labor strike, UPS Freight is temporarily suspending pickups until the new labor agreement is in place. As such, Logistics Plus has temporarily suspended UPS freight as an available option in eShipPlus until UPS confirms they have returned to normal operations.

Please be advised that the resulting influx of freight and shortage of capacity, on top of the already peak manufacturing and retail shipping seasons, is already starting to cause delays in pickups and transit with the other LTL carriers; and some carriers are warning that they may have to limit pickups in certain areas, especially at locations that they have not historically been servicing.

Please be advised that the team at Logistics Plus will work to keep all our customers’ freight moving despite these challenges.  However, some pickup and delivery delays will be inevitable.  We are asking all our customers to please add extra lead time to upcoming shipments until the situation has normalized. Please contact NADOPS (Logistics Plus North American Division) if you have any questions or to communicate any urgent situations or issues so our operations specialists can help provide the best solutions available.

Thank you for being a Logistics Plus customer. We appreciate your business and your patience as we work through this service disruption.