Matt Heinzman Shares Smoking Cessation Program Results

smoking cessation programAs previously announced, Logistics Plus began offering a smoking cessation program to its employees in 2019. The Erie County Department of Health and the Northwest Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Program held weekly meetings and lunch discussions to help employees stop smoking. Over a dozen employees participated in the program as they set out to begin their smoke-free journey. One employee, in particular, Matt Heinzman, shared comments on how the smoking cessation program has changed his life for good.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for offering the smoking cessation program two years ago. Today is my 2nd anniversary. Since then, I’ve not only quit smoking, but I’ve completely changed to a very healthy lifestyle and made a complete transformation of my body. I’ve been working hard on my fitness, and I’ll be competing in a bodybuilding show on July 17th, where I will take first place! This whole journey started with the smoking cessation program, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the kickstart.”

As a fast-growing, global company, Logistics Plus understands the importance of our employee’s health and lifestyles. Congratulations to Matt on all of his successes and best of luck in the bodybuilding competition!