Midwest Manufacturing Company

Valerie-Corrales-PolaroidI have to sing praises for Valerie (Corrales) this morning.  We are located in (Ohio) and per the customer’s direction, we used Logistics Plus to pick up and deliver 2 boxes to a customer in Australia. I wanted someone at your company to know that she provided constant updates as to where these packages were, any kinds of delays, etc. and I received an e-mail from her Friday advising that all boxes had been delivered (one was delayed).  This was wonderful customer service and the fact that she constantly was updating me, really provided comfort in the fact that she was following this shipment until it reached destination.  I do all the shipments here at our office and she’s the only one that has gone out of their way, with any carrier I’ve worked with, to make this a ‘worry free’ delivery because she had it on her radar and always, always communicated with me until it reached destination.  Kudos to her and I hope all your employees are like that.  Could you pass this on the proper people so they know how outstanding she is?  Thank you! I’ve also notified our account in Australia how great she’s been, so they know they’ve chosen the right carrier with Logistics Plus! Thank you so much!

Anonymous, Midwest Manufacturing Company