Logistics Plus Podcasts

Listen to our ongoing collection of podcasts (many of which were recorded in partnership with Money Radio WP$E as part of its Business Spotlight series). You can listen to them on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel or by clicking on the icons below. Each podcast features an in-depth interview with one or more of our employees, managers or executives.

Russell Means & Axel Kaldschmidt

Danny Yunes, Global Operations & Strategy                Emile Zafirov, Chief Information Officer

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO                                           Scott Frederick, VP of Marketing


Jim Berlin, TI Delivers Podcast                                     Yuriy Ostapyak, 2X eCommerce Podcast


Jim Berlin, Logistics Matters with DC Velocity              Jim Berlin, The CJ Radio Show

Gretchen Seth, Senior VP, International                       Yuriy Ostapyak , COO & Dir. Global Ops.

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO                                           Brenden Lalli, Director of IT PMO

Matt Bosko, Logistics Specialist                                    Tracy Coffy, Human Resources Manager

Milliennials: Ryan, Moustafa, Megan, Kalya                 Adam Mook & Gretchen Blough

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO                                           Harald Aamodt, General Manager LPSCS

Kortnie & Molly, FF&E Logistics                                 Matt Reichert, Operations Manager LPLS

Bethe Carlson, Freight Claims Management              Ryan McGregor, Business Intelligence