Patric Drewes Helps Publish the 2021 BHV Project Logistics Monitor

BHV Project Logistics

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Logistics Plus Bremen Managing Partner Patric Drewes recently helped publish the BHV Project Logistics Monitor 2021. Patric is an executive board member of BHV, an association with around 250 member companies from the logistics, port, and transportation industries, mainly from Bremen and Bremerhaven.

At the end of 2020, BHV carried out an extensive, anonymous online survey regarding the status of the project logistics industry. Over 80 companies participated in the survey. The BHV Project Logistics Monitor 2021 is a summary of the survey results.

This year’s Project Logistics Monitor is broken up into five main sections:

  1. Foreward/Introduction
  2. Approach and Methodology
  3. Sector Overview
  4. Survey Results and Analysis
  5. Results Summary

BHV is planning to release regular publications of the Project Logistics Monitor in the future. Patric explained, “So far, there has not been an industry report for the project logistics industry based on empirical data. We are closing this gap with the Project Logistics Monitor.”

About BHV

BHV was founded in 1942 as the “Society for Economic Development” and renamed in 1979 to “BHV Bremische Hafenvertretung.” The purpose of BHV is to make the interests of its members perceptible and thus to increase the project logistics industry’s reputation in politics, business and society. BHV organizes events such as monthly lecture evenings in the harbor club, the captain’s day in the town hall, and other themed events.