PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Supplies Available

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) SuppliesWe are happy to announce that our first shipment of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies will be arriving in Erie, PA this weekend, where they will be warehoused and distributed as needed. Thanks to the MANY Logistics Plus employees all over the world who helped make this happen (too many to mention).

Logistics Plus, as usual, is taking the initiative of finding, procuring, shipping, and providing needed equipment to our front line heroes in the hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, fire departments, police departments and schools throughout PA (and elsewhere). Proud of our entire team!

PPE items can be ordered on the following website: http://covid.www.logisticsplus.com/

ANYONE ANYWHERE can order these critical supplies from us.  Since these items are getting very difficult to procure, please share or forward this website to your contacts as well so they know, and so that we might help in their cities too.

Thanks, all. Stay safe. Stay strong.

Onward (even though the road is tough),



Jim Berlin, CEO, Logistics Plus