Consumer Products Industry Circle

Logistics solutions for the consumer products industry.

Increasing sales and market share is about much more than delivering products to consumers. It’s about maintaining higher levels of quality than ever before. It’s about innovative programs that bundle products into compelling packages. And it’s about living by the rules of retail giants.

Logistics Plus works with the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world, so we understand every phase of your supply chain. Our processes improve your speed to market, reduce damage to products, and strengthen your relationships with the companies that put your products front and center.

Our services include innovative logistics solutions for getting packaged food and beverage products ready for sale. Our flexible warehousing solutions provide the safety and security you demand, and our transportation options deliver cost-effective delivery to wholesalers and retailers.

We can help manage your logistics so that you focus on your business and respond quickly to changing market conditions. With peace-of-mind assurance, you can spend more time on the things that ultimately make you more competitive, like service, productivity, and innovation.

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