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Logistics solutions for Financial Services & Data Centers.

A great deal of expertise and security awareness is required when handling high-value technology equipment for financial services organizations or installing the necessary servers and electronics for data centers. Logistics Plus is an experienced leader providing complete solutions for financial services, technology, data centers, servers, and IT infrastructure industries. We support some of the biggest and best in these industries. Our logistics specialists do everything from being your importer of record (IOR) to warehousing, mission-critical transportation, and final white-glove installation.

Discretion, product, and personnel safety are paramount when moving servers or whole data centers. It’s not just the data on the servers but also the tall, narrow server size that is awkward and may easily tip during transport. Logistics Plus understands the highly sensitive nature of this environment and will work with you to ensure that your owned or leased servers are safely packed, shipped, and received with high levels of security.

In addition to serving the financial services, data centers, and servers industries, Logistics Plus also supports manufacturers and distributors, network security firms, cloud service providers, and value-added resellers of all sizes across many industries.

Services Offered:

  • Global Sourcing, Customs Clearance, and Trade Compliance
  • Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) Services
  • Warehousing, Inventory Management, and Distribution
  • Secure Domestic and International Transportation Management
  • Chain of Custody Documentation and Location Mapping
  • Full Replacement Value Cargo Insurance
  • Data Center Installations and Project Management
  • Global Supply Chain Control Towers and Technology

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