Managed TransportationImprove your supply chain by implementing a managed transportation solution.

It takes time and experience to secure transportation capacity and competitive freight rates. When you work with Logistics Plus on a freight management or managed transportation solution, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a top national freight brokerage firm, a great supply chain partner and a dedicated team of global logistics professionals. With a managed transportation solution, we can identify greater opportunities for savings without increasing your staffing, and the savings we produce more than cover the staff we dedicate to your business.

Whether it’s one, two, or twelve, our dedicated logistics specialists work relentlessly to reduce transportation costs, protect compliance, improve efficiency, and optimize your supply chain.  We provide managed transportation solutions to diverse companies such as General Electric, Lord CorporationHero BX, and others, and we can support your business too.

Planning & Strategy
We have internal global logistics experts with experience in a wide array of industries and countries worldwide. We’ll help you analyze your supply chain, review your freight spend and prepare a plan for success. Then we’ll carry out your everyday initiatives and allow your transportation or logistics department to operate as lean as possible.

Technology & Integration
Whether using our eShipPlus™ transportation management (TMS) platform for North American shipping or our eWorldPlus™ international cargo management system, we have the tools and technology to bring efficiency and visibility to your business; and all of our tools can be integrated into your business or back-office systems. We then work behind the scenes to eliminate tedious day-to-day activities, and we’ll provide customized monthly reports comparing current and historical data.

Services & Options
Shippers face challenges that change almost daily, including fluctuating fuel costs, driver shortages, and scarce capacity. Logistics Plus has developed trusted relationships and pre-screened access to more than 10,000 carriers to deliver the full breadth of our services, ensuring your deliveries are picked up and delivered on time. Whether you need a truck, a plane, a boat, or a train – we have expertise using all modes of transportation.

Satisfaction & Success
Why are we called Logistics Plus? It’s because, with a strong passion for excellence, our people put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly and the countless little things that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success. We will help your business grow while you meet customer demands. We work with you to proactively find solutions to your transportation problems. We act as an extension of your business and manage as much or as little of your transportation as needed.

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