import and export manualsKeeping up with strict import and export laws can be challenging.

Logistics Plus develops and customizes import and export manuals for our clients. The manuals include work instructions, flowcharts, self-assessment tools and more. Each manual is tailored to your products, services, and logistics activities while serving as a “playbook” for all departments that are involved with import and export activities. From purchase orders to customs declarations, our customized import and export manuals will help your business succeed.

Why is this important?
Import-Export-ManualsThe United States maintains complex laws and regulations administered by several different agencies that govern imports and exports. An effective import or export manual consists of many processes that connect and intersect. The connections and intersections must be planned, and then clear instructions must be given to those who must follow the rules of the program. Without instructions or maps, chances are that personnel will all go in their own directions, leaving them vulnerable to missing key connections. This can result in violations that includes severe fines and penalties.

How can we help?
The Logistics Plus Trade Compliance team will create import and export manuals tailored specific to your company’s import and export activities. The creation of the manuals stems from an initial visit your company, on-going interviews and correspondence with personnel involved in both import and export departments, and a thorough review of your products. The written manual will serve as the day-to-day instructional work guide for all employees that play a role in imports or exports. Logistics Plus strives to provide the end result of a working document tailored to your company’s needs with the purpose of serving as a frequently used desk resource.

How much do these manuals cost?
Pricing is dependent upon the magnitude of your project scope. Some companies may already have an existing manual in place that simply needs revising. Other companies may not have an import and export manual in place, and need one created from start to finish. Pricing also depends on the complexity of your current import and export operations.

Interested? For more information, please contact:
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