Project-Cargo-Portfolio-ThumbnailThe Logistics Plus project cargo portfolio includes examples from around the world.

Project cargo, project forwarding, heavy lift – call it what you will. Our project cargo specialists have managed big and unique cargo freight projects around the world. The examples below illustrate current cargo projects we have handled. You can also click the image to the right to view a PDF document with many other projects we have handled. Contact us today if you’re ready for us to manage project cargo for you too!

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2017-05 MRI Equipment Indonesia 2017-04-LP-Brewery-Tanks  2017-04-LP-Girders-and-Stanchions  2017-04-LP-Heavy-Gas-Turbines2017-04-LP-Moonpool-Hatches 2017-04 LP Six Windmill Blades 410x530  2017-03 LP Two Oversized Skids  2017-03 LP Ship Unloader2017-03 LP Reliquefaction System  2017-03 LP Long Loading Arm 2017-03 LP FGSS Skid  2017-03 LP 200 ton Stator2017-03 LP 84mt Gas Turbine  2017-03 LP 25 Meter Separator  2017-02 LP Wide Skid and Parts 2017-02 LP Deck Tanks and Platforms2017-02 LP 4 Vestas Turbines  2017-01 LP OOG Loads  2016-12 LP Wind Turbine Generators 2016-12 LP Vesta Turbines 2016-12 LP V138 Deck House  2016-12 LP Metro Wagons 2016-12 LP Gas Turbine  2016-08 LP Torrefer Drums2016-07 LP NH3 Tanks 2016-06 LP Cargo Collection  2016-06 LP Blower Rotors  2016-06 LP 18 Wind Towers2016-05 LP Medical Scanners  2016-04 LP Windmill Blades 2016-04 LP Mining Equiment  2016-03 LP Windmill Blades2016-03 LP Windmill Blades 67m  2016-02 LP Torque Tubes  2016-02 LP Thrusters 2016-02 LP Modules of a Wastewater treatment2015-12 Indoturbines  2015-08 Tanks  2015-08 Spare Blades 2015-03 Building Blocks 2014-12 Pump Skid    2014-05 Tanks 2013-12 Locomotives2013-04 Windmill Blades 2013-01 Windmill Towers  2012-05 Chemical Factory  2012-05 Buses2012-04 Windmill Generator  2012-04 Industrial Press Lines 2012-01 House Delivery  2011-12 Industrial Press2011-08 65m Tank  2011-01 Tween Deck Plates  2010-11 Prototype Windmill 2010-11 Large Press2010-05 Cutting Machine  2010- 04 Electrolytes  2007-21 Tank 2007-12 Components of Windmill