Don't throw money away - Freight Claims ManagementOutsource your freight claims management to Logistics Plus.

A freight claim is a legal document filed by the shipper to a carrier to reimburse lost or damaged products. Managing freight claims can be time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating for shippers.  Documents are hard to manage, communications are difficult, and working with many different carriers and their systems further complicate the process.  If you want to achieve efficiency and tight controls for your company, outsource freight claims management to Logistics Plus.  Working together, we’ll create a successful loss and damage claims process, bringing back valuable money to your bottom line.

By outsourcing claims management to the experts at Logistics Plus, you will gain:

  • Tightly managed freight claims processing
  • Improved win-rates and increased recoveries
  • Shorter resolution times
  • Visibility to outstanding claims
  • Reporting for current and historical claims
  • Email updates when claims status changes

Anyone who has ever filed a claim before knows that most seem to get denied before you even have a chance. We have created a step-by-step guide for properly processing freight claims if you decide to handle this cumbersome task yourself.

Contact us to request additional information if you’d like a risk-free freight claims management assessment. We’ve helped many of our customers recoup thousands of dollars in freight claims – let us help you too!