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Unfortunately, our world is filled with too much automation. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but not when it comes to customer service. That’s why many business owners balk at the idea of implementing a call center. Some think their business isn’t large enough yet to have a need for a Call Center Fulfillment, while others worry about losing customers due to poor experiences suffered by people who have called large companies only to be shuffled through a system of pressing prompts and long hold times.

LP Fulfillment Solutions aims to change that perception by providing businesses with a REAL SOLUTION to customer service. Whether you just need one person or many to handle your call volume, your customers will feel good hearing a real human being on the other line. Someone who cares about their questions, issues or concerns. Someone who can help. They don’t want to get a voicemail message or have to wait a long time for the help they need.

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So, instead of spending all day on the phone, as an entrepreneur or small business owner/manager, you can attend to other important things, like running your business. Our courteous receptionists will take your customers’ calls promptly and will handle them professionally. They are trained and talented to build rapport with your customers and will bend over backwards to ensure proper attention to every question is addressed.

Our call center agents are locally-based, responsive, dependable, friendly and personable. We’re proud of having them as part of the LP Fulfillment Solutions team. We choose people who have experience, dedication and genuine concern for people.

Combine our call center services with any fulfillment/logistics needs you may have and watch your business really take off! Call us at 866-344-8591 or contact us online.

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