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Selling on large marketplaces such as Amazon can be a daunting task.  Understanding the Amazon process can be overwhelming, but if done right, it can be very rewarding.  After all, there is no sense competing against Amazon when they can bring you an audience that is impossible to reach on your own.  LP Fulfillment Solutions realized in 2009 that simply selling on a website will no longer be enough to stay competitive.  Deploying our solution allows you to sell on your website, sell to retailers, and sell on Amazon.  That’s why we launched a full-scale Fulfillment by Amazon solution, and it’s why we are among a small group of approved third party-logistics companies participating in the Amazon Solutions Provider Network.

LP Fulfillment Solutions offers a robust solution for clients that use Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), ranging from managing the entirety of the FBA process to labeling the product.

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We can warehouse your inventory in anticipation of future Amazon orders.

Purchase Order Generation
Purchases orders can be routed to LP Fulfillment Solutions via email, or LP Fulfillment Solutions can check the Amazon Vendor Central Portal daily.

Confirmation of the Order
LP Fulfillment Solutions will confirm the purchase order and handle backorders based on agreed-upon procedures.

FBA Labeling
LP Fulfillment Solutions will prepare inventory and label cartons with carton labels generated from Vendor Central.

Routing Request, Shipping, and ASN Submission
LP Fulfillment Solutions will make the routing request, ship according to Amazon requirements, and submit the Advanced Shipping Notice.

We will submit the Invoice using the Vendor Central Portal.

LP Fulfillment Solutions can kit or bundle inventory according to your specific needs.

Specialized Labeling
LP Fulfillment Solutions can label your product with suffocation warning labels, Amazon product SKU stickers, and other required product labeling stickers.

LP Fulfillment Solutions can bag or box your product according to your specifications.

Additional Benefits

  • Real-time inventory levels.
  • Global information access for approved users.
  • Email notifications are provided to your team when inventory runs low.
  • Real-time reports are available 24/7.

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