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Returns Management and Returns Consolidation has become a necessity with the increase in marketplace platforms.  Whether you sell on, Walmart Marketplace,, or through your website, the need for a robust returns management program is a must.  LP Fulfillment Solutions receives your returns, inspects, categorizes, and reports on the status of each.  You can then provide direction as to whether the items will be made available for sale, quarantined, disposed of, and/or returned to the manufacturer.  Of course, if you have other return treatment needs, we can meet those as well.

Reverse Logistics or returns processing is as important to your customer experience as is the initial sale.  If your customers become frustrated by a complicated returns process, their frustration will at the very least lead to a loss of future sales.  The potential for even more fallout can occur through social media posts that discourage others from purchasing from your site.  Deploying our robust reverse logistics solution can alleviate the hassle and negative feedback.

LP Fulfillment Solutions can provide reverse logistics capabilities that include the following:

Return Destination
Have your clients send their returns directly to our center.

Upon receipt of the return – you will receive an email notification along with product disposition.

Sorting and Consolidation
Returns can be sorted and consolidated based upon agreed-upon instructions.

Resale items
Items can be made available to sell on your platform with LP Fulfillment Solutions handling order fulfillment.

Return to Manufacturer
Items can be consolidated for a manufacturer’s return.

Items can be consolidated for a liquidator.

Items can be consolidated for disposal.

LP Fulfillment Solutions can prepare any resalable merchandise by re-boxing or re-labeling products.

LP Fulfillment Solutions can coordinate with any number of carriers to send your inventory to any place in the world.

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