Solar Industry Manufacturer

Solar-Circle(We were) previously aware of Logistics Plus and had LP quote our domestic trucking operations.  We went in another direction on those quotes at that time as LP did not win the base cost battle.  (We were) having difficulty with a carrier at the Port of L.A. not only with the issues of the labor dispute which were common to many, but also with the reliability of the information we were receiving.   We engaged the help of the Logistics Plus Dallas office at that time and they did an outstanding job of helping us expedite material to a critical job site in Chile. (We are) also a company that does not always win the base cost battle, however we feel we offer a value proposition where due to efficiencies, product design and superior service we win on a “lowest cost of implementation” basis.   Logistics Plus has shown (us) that LP offers a similar value proposition.  Due to the great support, product knowledge and professionalism of your team we are currently wrapping up negotiations with LP to move what we anticipate will be 4,800 containers/180,000 tons of material through the Port of L.A. to our U.S. job sites in the coming year.  There are additional opportunities I will be discussing with your team soon.

Director of Operations
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