Thank You For Your Support

On behalf of the 130 women that had the opportunity to attend our First Annual Women in Logistics Leadership Conference, we thank you for sponsoring our event.

Your contribution (two dozen copies of the Logistics Careers Plus More For Dummies® books) has enabled the members in our Industry being that of Past, Current & Future to participate in a fabulous personal empowerment experience. As you can imagine, there are many expenses in these types of events and by assisting us with your contribution, we were able to minimize the cost tremendously and reach many more.

Our members that received your books will use them to understand the possibilities of career forward. With the assistance, you have provided we will now be able to share additional funds and opportunity of continuing education to students that will be attending the University of Houston Campus within the Supply Chain Management degree and transferring from a local Lonestar College Campus.

Without the support of companies as yourself and others, we would not be able to reach our goal. Thank you once again for your generous support of our Mission.

Diana Davila – Founder