The Benefits of LTL Freight Consolidation

LTL freight consolidationLess-than-truckload (LTL) freight consolidation is a freight strategy that involves combining multiple LTL shipments – all with a common destination – into a full truckload and then shipping it to its final destination. Simply put, rather than shipping direct from the origin to destination with multiple LTL shipments and/or carriers, the shipper is sending all of its freight at once to the final destination. Here are some benefits that LTL freight consolidation offers:

  • Pricing simplicity: Receive one quote for a full truckload rather than multiple LTL quotes.
  • Improved transit times: Dedicated truckloads mean that all your freight will arrive to the same place at the same time.
  • Better shipment transparency: Rather than tracking multiple LTL shipments, focus on one single load.
  • Fewer carrier interactions: Fewer carriers means less hassle and interaction.
  • Reduced accessorial charges: Rather than paying for the same accessorial on each LTL shipment, only pay them once.
  • Increased service levels: A single point of contact and lowered risks due to less handling of the goods.
  • Sustainable shipping practices: The carbon footprint is reduced with consolidations since fewer trucks are being used.

Consolidation involves more than just keeping your number of shipments down; LTL freight consolidation represents an opportunity for shippers to find more efficient and cost-effective solutions. However, to freight consolidation does require a higher-level of planning and forecasting within your supply chain. If you are an emerging brand or a small to mid-sized business, a third-party logistics provider can potentially help you combine your LTL shipments that are moving to common destinations.

If you find yourself frequently sending LTL shipments to the same location, contact us today to find out whether freight consolidation is possible for you. If you’d simply like a quote on your next shipment, click the button below.