The Erie Lightway Project

Just south of 14th Street in Erie, Pennsylvania, the Peach Street railroad underpass is a place of rusty shadows and urban decay displaying years of wear and deterioration in the heart of Erie’s vibrant cultural district. But it doesn’t have to be; it can be a public art asset to pedestrians and passersby alike that improves the city’s image, encourages development, and discourages crime. Upon refurbishing and repainting existing structural steel beams, columns, and the roof deck (and removing inefficient HID lighting) 74 LED fixtures will be installed, saving up to 70 percent in energy costs. This lighting system is estimated to cost around $60,000, and refurbishment around $110,000 for a total project cost of $170,000. No City of Erie tax dollars, however, will be used; the project will be funded with grants and donations from individuals, businesses, and philanthropic organizations.

The Problem
The Peach Street railroad underpass is:

  • Bridge-TodayUninviting
  • Dimly lit
  • Unsuitable as a gateway to Erie’s Downtown

The Solution

  • Clean, sand, and paint steel structure
  • Install multicolored LED lighting system
  • Display welcoming seasonally appropriate themes

Bridge-of-LightThe Result

  • Improve Image – Draw attention to Erie’s downtown entertainment district while welcoming visitors
  • Encourage Development – Connect business and entertainment district across the underpass
  • Discourage Crime – Improve safety of area through increased lighting levels
  • Reduce Operating Cost – Reduce electrical costs by up to 70 percent with LED lighting
  • Create Public Art – Create an “artistic solace” for citizens and visitors to enjoy

If you’d like to support the project or learn more, please contact:

David Brennan
(814) 459-7937