The Importance of Modernized Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers

WarehousingKeeping up with the growth of e-commerce can be a difficult and daunting task. In fact, experts predict that retail will evolve more over the next few years than it has over the past 50 years. The significant growth of e-commerce has caused companies to change the way they fulfill orders. It’s now more important than ever to have modernized warehouses and fulfillment centers that correspond with the surging demand of e-commerce.

Meeting the Demand for E-Commerce

  • One of the biggest changes affecting warehousing and fulfillment is the rise of e-commerce. Fast and reliable shipping expectations force companies to move more individual parcels through the warehouse quicker than old warehousing and fulfillment centers were designed to accommodate. Warehouses that were designed before e-commerce existed aren’t properly set up to fulfill huge amounts of direct-to-consumer orders. Modern warehouses and fulfillment centers must constantly monitor the information received from online shopping channels in order to adapt and succeed.

Adapting to New Technology

  • While customer service and supply chain visibility requirements continue to gain traction, it’s crucial for warehouses and fulfillment centers to implement an up-to-date warehouse management system (WMS). Due to the high volume of products and limited capacities for warehouses, products may become lost or damaged, leaving the customer wondering where their product is located. This is where a warehouse management system can help. WMS technology provides customers with complete, real-time status of products entering or leaving one of its warehouses or distribution centers. Adding a warehouse management system is a giant step towards modernizing warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Does Modernizing My Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers make sense?

  • Before taking the giant leap towards a fully modernized warehouse or fulfillment center, ask yourself the following:
    • How will this impact my warehouse finances?
    • How easy will it be to implement a warehouse management system (WMS)?
    • How will this affect day-to-day working habits?
    • How quickly can a modernized warehouse or fulfillment center become functional?
    • Will my warehouse be able to fulfill through all of my selling channels (e.g., direct, website, Amazon, etc.)?

If it makes sense for your business to modernize warehouses and fulfillment centers, then don’t think twice. E-commerce is still in its beginning stages and will continue to grow and prosper for the foreseeable future. For any additional questions regarding warehousing or fulfillment, click below and our team of experts will get back to you promptly.

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