Western Shelter

WSS_NepalProductionCrewThe shipment you guys handled for us appears to have cleared customs in Nepal and our people there are working with the USDOJ to deploy. I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we’re very thankful we were connected to you and Logistics Plus. Imad was flawless working with us on this shipment. He managed multiple personalities and functions and kept everyone informed. Our people from our Operations Coordinator to our Director of operations have such positive things to say about him, for example, he was working with our team in the west coast well after 5PM EST, Email and phone communication was extremely high on this sensitive shipment, and we reconfigured the pallet layout multiple times to dial in the best and fastest transport. We’re all truly happy working with you, and we hope to have more shipments to call you for. If you guys ever need a reference for any clients I’d be more than happy to provide one.

President and CEO
Western Shelter Systems