Because of You!

John Barber – Dr. Gertrude A. Barber Foundation

Dear Jim,

Because of you, a number of our clients and their caretakers had a once of a lifetime opportunity to meet with Jim Kelly and enjoy feeling like a VIP for an evening at the Best of Varsity Cup Awards Banquet. On behalf of those individuals and their staff members, thank you for making it possible. They were made to feel special and were treated with the utmost respect and considerations. Each of them enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to take part in the celebratory nature of the event.

It is our goal that our organization becomes part of the fabric of this community so that our individuals can be fully included in their neighborhoods, churches, places of employments and recreational activities. In doing so, we expand their opportunities but we also enrich the lives of those with whom they interact. Your inclusion of them in this evening’s events provided a rich context for interaction and inclusion.

Jim, please accept our appreciation for providing this opportunity and for recognizing the unique contribution our individuals can make when they are included.


John Barber