The Role of Business Intelligence In The Supply Chain

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and turning it into useful, digestible information. To do this, BI uses a wide variety of tools and applications that allow companies to collect data from internal and external sources to generate dashboards, reports, and visualizations that are easy to understand. The data captured by a business intelligence team  is used to help managers, directors, and executives make better informed business decisions. Here are some of the key reasons Business Intelligence is needed in the supply chain:

  • Within the transportation and logistics industry, there are millions of data points created each day for every shipment across the world.
  • With the option to ship goods via truck, rail, air, ocean, or small pack, it is very difficult to view all of your shipping activity in one place.
  • In an increasingly competitive and complex world, the need to find savings and efficiencies is more important than ever.
  • When faced with sorting thousands of data points at once, it can be very difficult to understand and make actionable.

How Will Business Intelligence Help Me?

A common term used in business intelligence is Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Key Performance Indicators are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving its business objectives. These indicators can be custom crafted to meet customer requirements or industry specifics such as carrier performance, lane utilization, savings and spend optimization, trends and corrective action analysis, and more.

At Logistics Plus, the Business Intelligence team is constantly at work to transform complex data into actionable intelligence for business purposes. Using our customizable Qlik dashboards, we seamlessly integrate all of your shipment data into one place. This easy to use, interactive dashboard has drill-down capabilities that provide powerful and effective insights. The insights from these dashboards can lead to increased efficiency in the supply chain, better warehouse management, and new opportunities for growth. The custom-tailored dashboards exist as an aid to your organization’s strategic and tactical decision making process while providing a way to examine trends from the collected data.

With the help of Business Intelligence, visibility issues can be a thing of the past. From delivery times to delays, having comprehensible data at your fingertips is a must in every supply chain. By working with Logistics Plus, you have the ability to obtain scheduled reports that empower your organization to drive innovation. Contact us today to find out how our Business Intelligence team will help your organization succeed and expand.